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The Self Care Passport Podcast is about creating a Self Care Lifestyle that you LOVE. Through solocasts yand amazing guests you will be inspired to reach out and take another look at how you can best support yourself through your choices. Simplicity, Abundance and Embodiment are kept top of mind. We will explore the many facets of self care and how it relates to your health, love, finances, soulful and heart centered living, boundaries, clarity, creativity, relationships and how we consume or let go of…. all that we are we encounter in our physical or emotional life. Let's go on this journey together. The time is now. Visit for additional resources and freebies.
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Aug 6, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Simple, Abundant and Embodied podcast series with micro episodes here for you whenever you need them. Today we will be talking about Abundance and Clarity

Abundance is a side effect of doing what we love fully and being who we are fully. It is a deep breath for our whole being. Moving into an abundant mindset from one of scarcity is life changing and brings us more clarity of what we truly want for ourselves. What do you truly want for yourself? This shift is transformational and is available to us freely. Accept where you are, who you are and revel in it. We are in command, not control of what happens or what has happened to us. Thinking about this from a state of abundance rather than lack and scarcity fills us up.

Getting clear that life happens for us not to us is expansive, abundant  and enriching ultimately giving us a clarity and clear way of being that supports us through life's ups and down. As sweet as this sounds, we are not just here for the milk and cookies. We grow and expand in relationship to our courage to get clear on what we really want and how we want to feel at the end of each day.  How do we bring in more clarity you may ask.  Let’s face it life is complicated, get  curious not complacent. Even if you don’t quite believe it yet or in every situation,  Come from a place in your mind, where you are already worthy, walk into a room, engage in a conversation with clarity and conviction. This creates abundance within, little by little, step by step.  Build upon that because truly you are enough, worthy and loveable just as you are.

Affirmation: “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” – Jim Rohn