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The Self Care Passport Podcast is about creating a Self Care Lifestyle that you LOVE. Through amazing guests and solocasts you will be inspired to reach out and take another look at how you can best support yourself through your choices. We will explore the many facets of self care and how it relates to our health, love, finances, soulful and heart centered living, boundaries, clarity, creativity, relationships and how we consume or let go of…. all that we are we encounter in our physical or emotional life. Let's go on this journey together. The time is now. Visit for additional resources and freebies.
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Aug 17, 2018

Interview with Nicole Whiting 

In this 6th episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, host Janae Fletcher interviews Nicole Whiting, an entrepreneur who works with women looking to embrace their authentic selves through achievable action steps.

Show Notes:

Being an marathon runner has parallels with life—take one step at a time with relentless forward motion.

She became a parent of an adopted daughter who came with trauma.

There was a point when motherhood contributed to her forgetting the things that she was passionate about. 

 Nicole has a daughter with autism.

This Fall she will be running a 100 mile race.

If you can believe something can’t be done, you can also decide to believe it can done.

Self-care is non-negotiable.

Create accountability by saying your goals out loud and sharing them with people.

Own your goals and believe that you deserve these achievements.

Say that you are going to “do” instead of saying you are going to “try.”

Nicole has a 5-day mini course.

Do something that feels like love.

Create joy habits to look at life differently, to see the joy.

Nicole puts her stamp in her self-care passport by being compassionate with herself even through frustrations.

3 Key Points:

1. Take life and your goals one step at a time with steady forward motion.

2. Stop letting life happen to you and make it happen for you.

3. Make the decision that you aren’t going to negotiate with yourself.


Tweetable Quotes:

(Creating change) “When you get tired of your own B.S., and you decide to stop letting life happen to you—and start making life happen for you.” – Nicole Whiting.

“You don’t get the choice to stay the same if you do the work, and if you commit, and if you make the changes.” – Nicole Whiting.

“When you make a decision, it’s really, really helpful to say it out loud.” – Nicole Whiting.

"Self Care is non-negotiable." Janae Fletcher


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