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The Self Care Passport Podcast is about creating a Self Care Lifestyle that you LOVE. Through solocasts yand amazing guests you will be inspired to reach out and take another look at how you can best support yourself through your choices. Simplicity, Abundance and Embodiment are kept top of mind. We will explore the many facets of self care and how it relates to your health, love, finances, soulful and heart centered living, boundaries, clarity, creativity, relationships and how we consume or let go of…. all that we are we encounter in our physical or emotional life. Let's go on this journey together. The time is now. Visit for additional resources and freebies.
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Oct 5, 2018

During this 9th episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, Janae Fletcher, self-care architect, quiet leader, personal and professional mentor, creator of the Self Care Passport process, and host interviews Tami Hackbarth, a certified life and work coach who coaches professional women all over the country. Janae and Tami define and debunk self-care while paralleling the peaks and valleys of their own self-care journies.

Show Notes:

  • Three Self Care questions are asked, What is self care? What is your biggest struggle with self care? What are your Self Care Pet Peeves?
  • Self Care is a four pronged approach with Body, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual integrations.
  • Self-care for one person isn't going to be self-care for another person.
  • When we practice self-compassion, we speak to ourselves like a good friend.
  • It is important to be mindful around how you are talking to yourself.
  • Self-care is a practical and magical approach to Body, Mind and Soul, including your finances.
  • Self-care is anything that brings you ease.
  • If you think of self-care as your house, your house has a foundation and then you have the walls and the entire structure to store your goodies.
  • Self-knowledge is powerful. Once you know your triggers, you can do a lot of work around how to set yourself up for success.
  • Self-reflection is an important part of setting yourself up for success.
  • The power of vulnerability and importance of boundaries.
  • If you don't reflect on past experiences, you will say yes again to something you don't want to do.
  • Struggle happens when losing track of rituals and routines when things get busy.
  • How a meditation practice can be beneficial.
  • Admitting our struggles is very powerful.
  • The harder it is to meditate, the longer you should meditate.
  • Self-care is 100% necessary to show-up in your life.
  • Tami talks about her experience when the teacher goes back to school.
  • Many people think that self-care is selfish.
  • Back to basics: Living a healthy life is not just working out. It also includes sleeping enough and taking care of the basics.
  • Humans are messy. The human experience is meant to be messy.
  • Be more real so other people can be the same.

3 Key Points:

1. Tami and Janae define and debunk self-care by sharing what it is and isn´t.

2.Tami shares strategies around knowing what you need and planning for success.

3. Self-care is 100% necessary to show up in life everyday and it is not selfish. It is a necessary practice to be in tune with yourself and the world around you.

Tweetable Quotes:

-  “Anticipate where you are going to fall down.” –Tami Hackbarth

-  “100% Guilt-Free Self Care.” –Tami Hackbarth

-  “Accepting where we are and acknowledging our feelings is so beneficial.” – Janae Fletcher

-  “Be more real so other people can be the same.” – Janae Fletcher

Resources Mentioned:

  • – Connect with Janae on her website and sign up for her free guidebook,  12 Steps to Motivated, Loving & Adventurous Self Care
  • Self Care Passport – Facebook group  & Instagram - For Janae Fletcher
  • – Connect with Tami on her website and join her guilt free challenge.

     ● Instagram – Instagram for Tami Hackbarth