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The Self Care Passport Podcast is about creating a Self Care Lifestyle that you LOVE. Through amazing guests and solocasts you will be inspired to reach out and take another look at how you can best support yourself through your choices. We will explore the many facets of self care and how it relates to our health, love, finances, soulful and heart centered living, boundaries, clarity, creativity, relationships and how we consume or let go of…. all that we are we encounter in our physical or emotional life. Let's go on this journey together. The time is now. Visit for additional resources and freebies.
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Sep 13, 2018

During this 8th episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, Janae Fletcher, self-care architect, quiet leader, personal and professional mentor, creator of the Self Care Passport process, and host interviews Vana Feliciano. Vana uses mixed mediums to practice and express the art of being a conscious woman on her project platform The Quiet Brave—with the power of laughter, owning your desires, and encouraging yourself without apology.

"Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive." Bryant H McGill

Show Notes:

Vana explains how she arrived at the concept of "The Art of the Conscious Woman.”

The idea of The Quiet Brave began as a magazine, then a podcast, and ultimately as an ever-changing project platform.

She shares how the name “The Quiet Brave” emerged.

Your internal relationship with yourself is definitely worth exploring and developing.

Stay committed to the moment.

Vana thinks of herself as an extension of Mother Earth.

You are responsible for your experience: control what you except and consume.

Pay attention to the conversation inside your head and the story that you are telling yourself.

Abundance is a process of letting go, that which is empty can receive.

Enjoy the journey of your life—don’t just wait on the outcome of your goal to arrive.

Writing and journaling is important to Vana.

Vana Feliciano stamps her “Self-Care Passport” by exploring and enriching her relationship with her intuition and her joy.


3 Key Points:

1. To inspire your work, ask yourself: What can’t you stop talking about?

2. Being conscious and courageous happens one choice at a time.

3. Put your filter on and set your boundaries so you learn to say ‘”yes” and “no” with equal amounts of enthusiasm.


Tweetable Quotes:

“I’m a complete believer in practical and magical mixing together. Taking your ideas and really being useful with them—rather than wishing everything was a certain way.” 

   – Janae Fletcher

“Bravery doesn’t always have to be loud and - out there.”

   – Vana Feliciano

“No one is ever going to know truly what is in your own heart. The relationship with you and you is probably the most quiet and private interaction there is ever.” 

   – Vana Feliciano

Resources Mentioned: – Janae Fletcher website

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Instagram – Instagram for Vana Feliciano