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Aug 31, 2018

During the course of this seventh episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, host Janae Fletcher interviews Kelvin Thomas, a fitness trainer with 17 years of experience who incorporates Pilates, yoga, powerlifting, and plyometrics with a style he describes as “supportive yet demanding.” They discuss the importance of incorporating fitness into their everyday lives and how to set yourself up with steps and systems to reach your goals.

 Show Notes:

Don’t wait until you feel fit, build your fitness from where you are now.

People in fitness classes aren’t looking at you as much as you think they are.

The Navy had a big impact on Kelvin Thomas.

Goals require steps to follow to build up to your desired outcome.

Make an appointment with yourself to work towards your fitness.

You are never too old to do new things.

Challenge yourself by working out with younger people.

Being healthy isn’t as challenging as we make it to be—you just need the desire.

“The Boiling Point” radio show will air on KSER 90.7FM in Everett, Washington.

Kelvin Thomas has invented a portable fitness product for people with mobility issues. Follow him online for updated details. Sign up for the waiting list here ==>

3 Key Points:

1. Goals can make us feel like failures if we don’t know how we will meet them.

2. Make an appointment with yourself to accomplish things.

3. Age gracefully as you get older by learning how to grow younger.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “Brave is better than perfect.” – Janae Fletcher.

- “Build on where you started.” – Kelvin Thomas.

- “If you aren’t working on it…it’s just a pipe dream.” – Kelvin Thomas.

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