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Aug 3, 2018

Body Language Strategy and Finding Your Voice.
During this fifth episode of the Self Care Passport podcast, Janae Fletcher, Self Care Architect, quiet leader, personal and professional mentor, creator of the Self Care Passport process, and host, interviews Kerstin O’Shields, an executive presentation coach, speaker, and private voice teacher in Seattle and Greater Puget Sound areas for over 20 years. Learn how Kerstin O’Shields’ journey has led her to specializing in “framing the masterpiece of each person’s message, performance, and business by enhancing nonverbal communication with body posture, body gesturing, facial expressions, and clarifying the physical voice.”
Show Notes:
●  Body language can influence people in a positive way.
●  Kerstin O’Shields started as a professional opera singer
●  Non-verbal communication is 80% of our communication.
●  Kerstin is the United States leading body language strategist and her system is called Body Language Strategy.
●  The Four Pillars of Leaderships are the areas that we learn to show up in: confidence, competence, trust, and approachability; make people seek you out.
●  How are people experiencing me? What is the experience I’ve created for them?
●  What you reflect out, is what is reflected back to you.
●  If you walk into a room and expect a response, you are already too late.
●  Fear is only an indicator of what you want.
●  Shift your energy to what you want.
●  The body only has two states: action and inaction.
●  Posture is your number business tool to attract business, keep      yourself motivated, and remain moving.
●  What you think is what you do.
3 Key Points:
1. With the skill set of enhanced body language, you can create influence without saying a word.
2. 80% of our communication is non-verbal, and people are only using 40-50% of their body language.
3. The Four Pillars of Leaderships are the areas that we learn to show  up in:confidence, competence, trust, and approachability.
Tweetable Quotes:
“You don’t have to be an extrovert to give a great presentation or show up for yourself.” – Janae Fletcher
“Everybody has something to bring to the table, no matter who you are.” – Kerstin O’Shields
“The connection that we get from how you present, is what allows us to adopt it into our own life, and take it in and truly connect to what you have to offer.” – Kerstin O’Shields
Resources Mentioned:
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